Member & Role

You can add limited number of team members.

Invite Your Team Member

  1. Click FranDo CRM > [Member Management]

  2. Click [Add]

  3. Click [Send] after you enter e-mail address of your team member.

Register As a Team Member

  1. Click URL that you received in a invitation mail.

  2. Click [Join In Organization]

  3. Click Join . ( If you already register, Please log in )

Change Member's Authority

  1. Click [Member role] >FranDo CRM

  2. Click [E-mail Address] of team member (user) who changes authority.

  3. Click [Save] when you choose [role] (Editor or Administrator).

Delate Team Member

  1. Click [Member Role] > FranDo CRM

  2. Click [Check Box] , of member that you want delate.

  3. Click [Delate]

  4. Verify alert, then click [Delate] again.

  • Only one user can be a [Primary Owner]. When you want change it, click Billing and Payment.

  • [Primary Owner] can set finance role to team members by clicking profile icon > [Billing]