Bulk Change

You can bulk change the registered information of your contacts.

Bulk changeable items

You can change the following items displayed in your [Contact List] at once.

Click here to learn how to change the display items in the contact list.

(Bulk changeable items)

  • Classification/Industry

  • Category

  • State/Region

  • Country

  • Lifecycle stage

  • Lead status

  • Create date

  • Contact person

  • Next step date

How to bulk change

  1. Click FranDo CRM > [Contact List]

  2. Search for and display the contact you want to change.

  3. Click [Check Box] at the left of contact.

  4. Click [Action] > [Bulk Change] at the right top of [Contact List].

  5. Click checkbox of [No Change] at the right of item that you want to change.

  6. Enter or select or [Add] a new information.

  7. Click [Save].

  • To use FranDo CRM you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.