Expert Search

As like User Search you can also search experts/professionals.

Display Experts

  1. Click FranDo Basic Apps > [Expert Search]

  2. Display experts who already connected or who can make Contact Request.

Specify the search criteria

When you want to display specific experts/professionals, type criteria in the search box.

  • Name

  • Category

  • Service area

  • Organization

  • Contact Request (Connected/The propriety of request)

Category of Experts/Professionals

  • Business Development

  • Business consulting

  • Franchise Headquarters

  • Franchisee Development

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Store development

  • IT solutions

  • M&A Consulting

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Super Vising

  • Tax Counsellor

  • Certificated public Accountant

  • Judicial Scrivener

  • Public Notary

  • Patent Attorney

  • Labor and Social Security Attorney

  • FranDo

Contact Request Section

  • Connected: Mutually allowed contact request and possible to use "Smart Message".

  • Allow: Experts/ Professionals who can make contact request.

  • Decline: Experts/ Professionals who cannot make contact request.