Form Builder

You can easily create an email form and display it on your website. The information entered in this email form will be automatically linked to FranDo CRM.

The number of forms you can register depends on the plan you are using.

Create form

Basic Operations

  1. Click FranDo Marketing > [Form Builder].

  2. Click [Create].

  3. Enter the form [Name].

  • This [Name] will be used as [Inflow source] in FranDo CRM.
  1. Enter [Description].

  2. If you have a [Completion Page] such as Contact Us for conversion measurement, enter it in the [Redirect to this URL] field.

  3. Drag the items you want to display in the [Create form] from the [Contact properties] on the right.

    • Drag the unwanted items from [Create form] to [Contact properties].
    • You cannot drag [Name] and [Email address].
  4. Select how you want to display the privacy policy.

  5. Click [Save].

Why display the privacy policy?

Customer's [Consent] is required to obtain your personal information in accordance with the [Privacy Policy] and other [Personal Information Handling Policy] set forth by the organization.

FranDo's [Forms] will automatically display a checkbox to confirm customer's [Consent].

You can choose to link to the organization's Privacy Policy page or display on the [Form].

The customer must click on the checkbox for [Consent] to submit the form.

Embed the created form in your website

  1. After click [Save], the [Publish] button will appear.

  2. Click [Publish].

  3. Embed the two codes displayed in the website where the form will be displayed.


<script type="text/javascript" src="Script URL"></script>


<iframe src="Form URL" id="FranDo-Custom-Form" width="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Display Sample

Check the inquiry

You will receive an email/notification whenever there is an inquiry on the [Form] you have created.

  1. Click on the URL in the body of the email or the [Notification] message.

  2. Go to the detail page of the target [Contact].

  3. Reflects the information entered by the customer in the items set in the [Create form].

Cases in which the same customer uses the form multiple times

  • The information entered in the initial inquiry will be retained in each field. (It will not be overwritten, so don't worry.)

  • The new information will be recorded in [Logs]. (If the customer information has been updated, such as phone number, please replace the target field with the new information.

  • If the inquiry is received again from another form, the [Inflow source] will be changed.

  • To use FranDo Marketing you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.