Smart Message

You can chat with other users who connected.

Check the result of contact request

  1. You will receive notification in [Notification icon] when your request has been approved.

  2. When you click [Notification icon] it will shows message that is about request approval.

Ready to use Smart Massage

  1. Click [Message] of request approval.

  2. Click [Smart Message] that shows on profile page.

※Users who received request, click [allow] to move to [Smart Message]

Start Smart Message

  1. Type message in [Field]

  2. Click [Send(Paper planes mark)]

  3. When you want to attach files, click [Attachment icon(Clip)] then choose the file that you want to sent.

※You will able to use emoji, but it might be not shown depends on receiver's devise.※When you attached the file, it may take you long time to do virus scan.

How to translate the smart message? Click here.