Tips for contact search

No more daily sales reports.

By making good use of the search function, you can keep track of your sales activities.

Basic Operations

  1. Click FranDo CRM > [Contact List].

  2. Enter the keywords you want to search for in the field that appears in the [Specify search criteria], or select from the selections.

  3. Click [Search].

  • When you want to close [Search Box] , click [^] icon.

  • If you specify multiple search criteria, the [Contacts] that match the criteria will be displayed.

Examples of using the search function

View past activities

  1. Specify the period in the past in [Last modified date].

  2. Select [Contact person].

  3. Click [Search].

View future activities

  1. Select [Contact person].

  2. Specify the period in the future in [Next step date].

  3. Click [Search].

View the status of appointments (convert)

  1. Under [Lead status], select [Convert].

  2. Select [Contact person].

  3. Click [Search].

Check the status of a business meeting

  1. Under [Lead status], select [In Progress].

  2. Select [Contact person].

  3. Click [Search].

  • To use FranDo CRM you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.