Create a Contact

This section explains how to register newly acquired personal information individually.

The number of contacts that you can import / register is differ by each plan.

Basic operations

  1. Click FranDo CRM > [Contact List].

  2. Click [Create Contact].

※When you want to close [Search Box] , click [^] icon.
  1. Enter the information and save.

Useful features

FranDo CRM does not require master data setup, so it does not require information system personnel or IT literacy.

For example, various items such as [Classification/Industry], [Category], [Inflow Source], and [Contact Person] will automatically generate a master from the Import data created. The automatically generated data will be displayed in the pull-down selections in the target items and in the Search Box when you register individual [Contacts].

Add a new selection

  1. Click [Contact List] > [Create Contact].

  2. Click [+ Add] at the right bottom of each field.

  3. Enter a new selection and click [Add].

※Once you add a new selection, it will be displayed in the pull-down selections afterwords.
  • To use FranDo CRM you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.