Import Contacts

This is an important step to start FranDo CRM. Here is how to import your contacts.

The number of contacts that you can import / register is differ by each plan.

Maintenance your contacts.

  1. Download sample file to create file for maintenance, before you create import file (CSV).

  2. Paste your list to Downloaded sample file.

  3. Verify your list, and you can add, revision or delate if necessary.


Create import file

  1. Download empty import file (CSV).

  2. Paste your contacts to empty import file and save.

How to import

  1. Click FranDo CRM> [Contact List].

  2. Click [Action].

※When you want to close [Search Box] , click [^] icon.

  1. Click [Import (CSV)].

  2. Choose file that you imported.

  3. After you upload your file, virus scan will start.

  4. When your file imported successfully, you will get notification. If your file has some errors, your file won't be import.

Export contacts

To export contacts, you need to be a [Primary owner] or [ Admin].

  1. Click FranDo CRM> [Contact List]

  2. Search contacts.

  3. Click [Action]

※When you want to close [Search Box] , click [^] icon.

  1. Click [Export (CSV/UTF-8)]

  • To use FranDo CRM you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.