Next Step & Logs

Logs can be recorded for customer relationship management. Note that logs cannot be exported.

Record the past and future

Recording the past is not enough for customer relationship management.

Managing the future will help improve your team's sales performance.

Record the next step

  1. Search a contact who you want to record in your contacts and open it.

  2. Enter [date] and [time] in the [Next step date] field.

  3. Enter the details in the [Content of next step/Remarks] and save.

Record the logs

  1. Click [Add a new log].

  2. Enter the details of your activity and save.

※The log will show the name of the member who recorded it, as well as the date and time.※Logs only allow [Add] and [Delete], not [Edit].
  • To use FranDo CRM you need to sign-in with custom sub domain of business account or you can Switch Account after sign-in.