Unsubscribed by your leads

Marketing e-mails will insert an automatic signature that can be found in [Settings]. In accordance with the Specified Email Law, marketing emails that contain advertising/promotional elements require an opt-out response (the sender will exclude the recipient from the email if the recipient notifies the sender that they wish to stop receiving the email), so the URL for unsubscribing will be included in the automatic signature.

Automatic Signature

This email has been sent by【Organization/Company Name】using the FranDo email delivery system. If you wish to unsubscribe, please click and procedure below. https://yourcustomsubdomain.app.frando.cloud/mail/unsubscribe

Confirm that the lead has unsubscribed email.

  1. When the recipient executes the procedure from the URL for unsubscribing, the notification will be sent by email/notification.

  2. The contact's details will be flagged as an [Unsubscribed] and will be excluded from marketing emails in the same way as a [Bounce emails].