You can search not only business partner ( FranDo users) but also business information( Brands/Services)

Display Business Information (Brand/Service)

  1. Click [Brand/Service]> Frando Basic Apps

Specify Search Criteria

When you want to display specific business information(Brand/Service), Specify the search criteria in the search box.

  • Brand/Service name

  • Industry

  • Business category

  • Organization/Company

  • Target country

  • Budget for invest/business

Verify business detail

  1. Click [Brand/Service]

  2. When you click [Thumbnail image] it will be bigger

  3. Click [Contact person] to see profile of Person in Charge.

Send Contact Request

  1. Click [Contact Request] of target Brand/Service.

  2. You will see "message has been sent" if it's succeed.

Start Smart Message with Contact Person

  1. A person in charge with Brand/Service, will check the [Contact Request] then, assign dedicated staff.

  2. When you receive [Smart Message] from contact person, it will be notify by Notification icon

  3. Click [Notification icon]

  4. To start [Smart Message], click notify list and click relevant notify.